St. Paul's-in-the-Valley burials date to the middle 1850s. Today lots are limited to communicants of the parish and, with most burials being in the form of cremation, the seven-plus acre site will long serve the parish. It has been cited as one of the most beautiful in the South. The Vestry-approved policy states "While the choice of type of burial is personal, we encourage those who wish to bury at St. Paul's-in-the-Valley to consider cremation. Heavy earth-moving machinery that is required to open a grave does damage to roads and often to grave lots around the grave to be opened."

The first Episcopal church (and cemetery) in the area was St. Paul's-in-the-Valley. The church did not survive the Civil War and was abandoned, although Brevard Episcopalians continued to bury their loved ones here.

St. Paul's-in-the-Valley Cemetery is located about three miles south of Brevard on the Greenville Highway (U.S. 276)

The graveyard has been naturally maintained: burials date to the middle 1850's.

There are two Civil War veterans buried at St. Paul's-in-the-Valley, one Confederate and one Union, as well as veterans of WWI, WWII, and Korea.


The Memorial Stone is an area where the ashes of the departed can be scattered and a bronze ribbon placed in remberance.

There are also slaves buried here; their graves marked by rough stones, and known only to God

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